OSCEOLA, Mo. – The small community of Osceola is reacting after learning the fire chief is being charged with sex crimes.

Travis Foley was chief of the Sac-Osage Fire Protection District in St. Clair County.

He’s being charged with first-degree statutory rape of someone less than 14 years old, second-degree statutory rape, and second-degree statutory sodomy.

“We’re in a small town,” said Rebecca Swanson, who lives in Osceola. “You just don’t expect it.”

The fire department said they do not wish to speak about Foley. Firefighter Tim Kavanagh said he will soon take the position as the new chief.

Kavanagh said there are currently about 20 volunteer firemen with the department. He said they plan on continuing on with operations.

“They’ll come back,” said Swanson. “There’s a lot of good people still on the force. They’ll be fine.”

Foley has a court appearance set for Oct. 5. Until then, he’s being held in jail without bond.