SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A new Missouri Job Center location officially opened on Monday to continue helping people secure jobs. The north office has been relocated to the O’Reilly Center for Hope to provide easier access.

“There is a higher unemployment rate there and the need for our services is greater,” said Katherine Trombetta, with the Missouri Job Center. “It’s really important that we have that presence on the north side to help those individuals and connect them with jobs or job training,” 

Trombetta said there are plenty of jobs out there, it’s just finding the right one for people.

Todd Lewis came to the new job center location on Monday. “For many people on this side of town, it’s much more convenient,” said Lewis. “It doesn’t cost us as much to get here. It’s a great resource to have on the north side.”

 Lewis said he doesn’t have his own transportation and that’s impacting what kind of job he takes. “I’m trying to find something relatively close to my residence that I can get to via the bus or walk,” said Lewis.

The job center has had a northside presence in various locations over the years, but now being at the O’Reilly Center for Hope, it helps in more ways than one. Multiple agencies are located inside the building, where people can find resources all in one place.

“Being able to do four or five things in one building,” said Workforce Development Specialist, Jessica Hunt.

“Imagine the stress it takes off, especially if you’re riding the bus. Being able to get everything done in one stop.”

The south job center location is also still open and ready to help people.