NIXA, Mo. – A networking group is opening its doors to all small businesses including social media influencers.

Networking Navy’s Nixa chapter, the S.S. Eagle has been meeting since the summer of 2020. The group consists of small businesses that give referrals and help each other grow each other’s businesses.

“We have a house cleaner, Bliss Brothers Solar, Extra Mile Home Inspection, a Financial Advisor, we’re up to I think around 12 members, and we try to keep the group pretty loose and fun,” says Daisy’s Imagination Station preschool owner Dave Hutton. He’s also on the membership committee.

The S.S. Eagle has something called a “Most Wanted List,” which consists of a list of industries they want to push for to come to the meeting and possibly join them. Their latest attempt is trying to tap into the social media influencer market.

“I see the massive industry that social media is becoming and believe that if we bring some of them into our chapter, it gives our businesses a new source for marketing and it gives the social media influencer a pool of local businesses that will help them grow their brand,” says Hutton.

A look at the S.S. Eagle meeting

“Say you do TV or radio for marketing, you have the director, cameramen, cast, and a whole lot of people that are working on it to put food on their family’s table. One influencer with a camera can help get our message out and they only have the one table to put food on. So if I can find a good fit for an influencer and instead of say, radio, which will get my message out to 50,000 people from Nixa to Buffalo. If I can find an influencer to get us in front of say, 150 mothers of young kids in Nixa for a fraction of the cost… That tends to make more sense to me.” explains Hutton. He says he has gotten a few students from the networking group.

Hutton says networking groups are a very effective method of marketing. S.S. Eagle Chapter of Networking Navy has helped a mother become her own business owner. In a previous group, according to Hutton, a young man he brought in was a handyman. He went from struggling to having to quit the networking group because he had so many jobs and had to keep track of his employees.

Not only does the group help its members, but according to S.S. Eagle Chapter leader, David Freeman, the group has provided donations to the Honor Flight of The Ozarks and made $10,000 for Toys for Tots.

The Networking Navy is a professional networking group based in the Ozarks and the surrounding areas. Their website says they believe in creating communication and trust among their eight chapters in various cities and communities throughout the Ozarks.

For more information, you can visit their website here.