BOLIVAR, Mo. – Following recent school shootings, districts across the Ozarks are ramping up security efforts before school starts next month.

In Bolivar, new doors, security cameras, and door access systems are being upgraded.

Superintendent Dr. Richard Asbill said construction is currently underway to keep everyone inside the building safer.

“We’re trying to make our buildings more secure,” said Asbill. “The doors will help with that. The video cameras will help us in assisting in monitoring those things. The door access systems really say, if you don’t have a key or a key card, you aren’t supposed to come through this door. You really need to be at an office, and we’ll buzz you in.”

Asbill said all five campuses will receive some type of improvement. He said they want to be able to respond quickly if something bad happens, but they also want to prevent it from happening in the first place.

“Some people view safety and security as inconvenient,” said Asbill. “Inconvenience is really about us protecting students, teachers, staff. As many times as we look at things and say, I really don’t like that, well the purpose is really to be safety orientated, not to be convenient.”

The district said they plan to add more cameras, as well as move some of the existing ones, to better help with security. Bolivar parent, Dusty Ross, said the upgrades will help ease his mind.

“You turn on the news there’s a news story about a shooting or violence at a school or public gathering,” said Ross. “It does reassure that they care about the safety of the students and the kids.”