FORSYTH, Mo. – In an inflated economy, many places are closing their doors. In Forsyth, one woman has opened a restaurant, her dream for several years.

It’s been a dream of Ebony Cook’s to own the Wagon Wheel restaurant in Forsyth.

“My sister owned it like 20, 27 years ago, and I tried to lease it from her husband and he wouldn’t let me in. So now I own it,” said Cook.

Friday was her grand opening after the restaurant had been closed for years under previous ownership. Cook said the menu will look familiar but she’s putting her twist on a few things.

“It’s been closed for, like, three years. Three and a half years. And the gentleman that owned the prior he gave me his menus, and we worked off of those and got pretty much a lot of this stuff that he had. Like, unknown lunches, and the dinner menu. But then we also have specials,” said Cook.

While smaller restaurants have had to close their doors with rising costs in an inflated economy, Cook says it’s worth it to keep her dream alive.

“You just grin and bear it and go on. I mean, if you want to do this, then you have to have to pay me, you know, to get the product,” said Cook.

One of the customers sitting down for lunch, Beck Smith-Shay, owns her own business in Forsyth as well. She said it’s great for the area to have the Wagon Wheel open.

“We are desperately trying to get our businesses back up and getting revamped after covid and just bringing more people into the area with our lakes. And Ebony and her husband both are locals and born here and raised here. And so it’s kind of nice to have hometown people doing hometown businesses I take a lot of pride in their people and how motivated they are to reestablish our economy,” said Smith-Shay.