With college students back in Springfield, Missouri State University is taking steps to reduce tobacco use.

New programs are being implemented on campus.

Student ambassadors are looking to be hired to talk to fellow students about the tobacco use and smoking policy in place.

“Missouri State University does have a tobacco-free policy,” said Melissa Ringer, the MSU Tobacco and Vape Prevention Specialist. “We do have issues with it being on city streets. Those are not campus property.”

Ringer said ambassadors will have non-confrontational conversations about the risks associated with vaping. 

If needed, it becomes about providing resources.

“Nicotine replacement therapy, such as a piece of gum, a lozenge, or a pack of gum like Nicorette,” said Ringer.

New drop boxes should soon be installed on campus where students can get rid of vapes.

“Once you become a daily user, by the time you graduate college it’s much more likely you’ll suffer with addiction throughout your adulthood,” said Ringer.

The hope is these programs will start at MSU and expand to other colleges in town.