SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Soon, people will be able to use their phones to download an app to find a list of minority-owned businesses in Springfield. 

A man from Springfield, Duan Gavel, is the one bringing it to life. His idea comes after he made a website in 2020, called All Things Black SGF, highlighting black-owned businesses in town.

“You’ve got the different categories,” said Gavel. “Some of those categories are like hair care, food industry, professionals, services. When you go into that it has the list of the businesses, their phone number, their address, all of that information.”

Now, he said he’s looking to expand on that concept and add more businesses to the app.

“Right now, our database with just the black resources is about 100,” said Gavel. “I think it’s going to be five times that much. We’re looking to list any minority group or underrepresented group on the app. Businesses, organizations, and also professionals.”

Gavel said a lot of different people are trying to figure out where the diversity is in town.

“When we’re trying to attract new people to come here, or stay here, they just don’t know everything that’s available,” said Gavel. “We want to make sure that it’s easy for them to connect with other people of their culture.” 

He said he also wants to add more resources to the app that the website doesn’t have.

“I’m wanting to attract more college students, high school students,” said Gavel. “We have a new section that we’re adding that is not on the website called scholarships. I want to have all of the scholarships available for multicultural students.”

For Blu Styles Barbershop Owner, Roderick Pickett, his business is one that is listed.

“People don’t always know who to get into contact with,” said Pickett. “People don’t always know who to talk to. When you get to Springfield, I’m not going to say it’s wide open, but you have these surrounding areas where you don’t get a chance to get into the inner city to see what’s going on. You’re in Branson, you’re in Willard, you’re in Nixa.”

Pickett said he’s excited to see the app developing. The app will be released in July. The name will likely be All Things Diverse SGF.