SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Friday will mark the busiest day of travel for Americans for the holiday weekend. Nearly one-third of Americans will be taking some form of travel for Labor Day.

As we enter Labor day weekend, the travel app Hopper predicts that almost 13 million people will take to the skies for traveling during Labor Day.

Airfare prices are winding down from the travel summer season but an increase for the holiday weekend is expected.

Staying on top of your flights and checking for cancellations or postponements are smart practices with millions of people getting ready to travel.

Folks traveling in the Ozarks area can expect to see some relief as gas prices drop nearly 40 cents in the past month.

The average gas price in the state of Missouri is $3.44 whereas just one month ago gas in the state was $3.81.

The KOLR10 gas price tracker has a list of the 10 top cheapest gas in the city of Springfield and can help you navigate where to stop for gas in the Ozarks.