SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Missouri State Bears hosted its first playoff game in 31 years. 

The bears took the conference title in 1989. They then played in the playoff the following year, but lost. MSU also played in the playoffs last season. The bears were excited to be at home for this game.

“There’s a national committee where each conference is represented,” Athletic Director Kyle Moats said. “They all go to Indianapolis for a couple of days and they make a selection based upon the record, the teams, and the criteria the NCA sets forth.”

Staff had been working hard to make sure everything was perfect for the game.

“When most people are home for thanksgiving, our folks have been here getting the game ready to go,” Moats said. “Our ticket people have been selling tickets. Our facility people have been getting the facility ready to go.”

Fans were eager to see their bears take the field.

“We’ve been to all home games this year,” fan Matt Meadows said. “The team’s have had a rebuilding process for the last few years so it’s been exciting to see the team getting better.”

For other fans, this was their first home game of the fall season.

“We have a vested interest,” fan Bill Goodson said. We have a grandson that’s in the game. He’s very excited as are we. I’ve been very impressed with Missouri State.”

Fans are looking forward to next season as the team continues to grow.