MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. — People came out on Saturday to get into the Christmas spirit at Mountain Grove’s Winter Fest.

It is the city’s third annual festival and organizers say the event keeps on growing. According to Tim Schook, Mountain Grove city administrator, there were a total of 88 entries in this year’s parade.

The event may have taken an entire year of planning, but Schook says it was all worth it.

“It keeps growing every year, so we’re really excited about that,” said Schook. “Our tourism committee started it about three years ago and we’re excited. We had over 88 entries in our parade which is huge. It’s like 30 more than we had last year.”

Schook says the city is always looking for diverse ways to raise funds to help support the festival. So, that is why there is a Christmas Tree auction.

“It’s hard to top ourselves each year,” said Schook. “We think we keep doing it better and better but I think we’ll keep shooting for the stars on it.”

Schook says the festival is a great way to get the community together.

“We’ve noticed during these festivals we’re having people who are smiling, they’re happy, they love being here, they love being out and they love to be able to walk the square,” said Schook.