BOLIVAR, Mo. — The Bolivar Sport Flyers kicked off the group’s annual ShoMe ProBo Thursday at the Sport Flyers field in Bolivar.

The Bolivar Sport Flyers is a nonprofit organization for people who want to fly radio-controlled model planes, helicopters, or gliders.

The ProBo wraps up Sunday, June 19. Pilots come from all over to attend the yearly event. Organizers say it’s a chance for flyers to show off their skills. The event is also a fundraiser for the club.

Randy Cameron, Executive Vice President of the Academy of Model Aeronautics said anyone interested in flying model planes is encouraged to join a club because people new to the hobby can learn the basics from those who have more experience instead of getting frustrated and abandoning something they could enjoy.

The busiest day for the ShoMe ProBo will be Saturday. Anyone who is interested can attend.

Check out our video to see what the event is like.