JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Hunters in Missouri harvested more than 36,000 turkeys this spring season.

The season ran from April 18 to May 8. The final tally of harvested birds was 36,251. 33,355 were harvested during the regular season and 2,896 were harvested during the youth weekend on April 9 and April 10.

Last year’s total harvest was 34,595. The 2022 total was up about 5 percent from 2021, but it is still about 7 percent lower than the average spring turkey harvest when compared to data from 2017-to 2021, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation.

“Our annual wild turkey brood survey indicates that, at the statewide level, hens have been producing one or fewer poults, on average, for the past 6 years,” said MDC Turkey Biologist, Reina Tyl. “The cumulative effect of relatively poor production the last several years has been fewer turkeys and more challenging spring turkey hunting conditions.”

There were two self-inflicted firearm-related hunting incidents. One incident was fatal, the other was not. MDC said there were no shooter-victim hunting incidents reported.