Springfield, MO – Mayor Ken McClure reflected on the past year in the State of the City Address Thursday morning.

Mayor McClure said, “As I speak with people throughout our community, I encourage them to keep hope and faith alive. It is ok to reach out for help. It is OK to not be OK. We should always look forward, however, shining a light on meaningful efforts to heal and reimagine ‘what can be’ and turn it into ‘what will be.’ I have said it before, but will say it again: there is nothing wrong with Springfield that cannot be fixed by what is right with Springfield.”

Mayor McClure talked about education in Springfield, the groundbreaking of the Grant Avenue Parkway construction project, the building of a Buc-ee’s in Springfield, and many other topics.  For more information, The City of Springfield posted the recorded livestream, and a transcription of the entire address.

Mayor McClure encouraged citizens, “Springfieldians have come together in new and different ways and are actively working for a brighter future. And on this day, I implore of you: we cannot allow ourselves to resume what was; we must reimagine what can be.”