MARSHFIELD, Mo. – A former youth pastor at a church in Marshfield who was accused of sexual misconduct with children in two counties was sentenced to four years in prison today (9/12/22).

He was first, however, ordered into a 120-day sex offender treatment program that could result in probation on those charges.

He was sentenced to the same prison term and treatment program on Friday (9/9/22)  in Laclede County.

Benjamin Seth Blake, 21, of Rogersville was charged with six counts of sexual misconduct or child molestation in Webster County and one of each offense in Laclede County. The molestation charges were dismissed in both counties.

Under Missouri Revised Statutes 559.115, an offender is sent to the program in the Department of Corrections to provide “ a complete psychological assessment to determine an offender’s extent of psychopathology, risk to re-offend and amenability to treatment.”

Based on the program’s assessment, Blake could be put on probation or required to serve the four-year sentences, all of which would be served concurrently.