MARSHFIELD, Mo. – Starting next year, students in Marshfield will no longer be in the classroom on Monday.

The school district recently decided to move to a four-day school week.

District leaders said it’s a change they hope can help retain and attract more teachers.

“The number of teachers entering the education field just continues to decrease,” said Mike Henry, Marshfield School District Superintendent. “We felt like it was really important for us to take some action.”

While students will be off every Monday, Henry said teachers will come in every other Monday to collaborate and lesson plan.

“It’s about trying to make sure this is a sustainable plan for our teachers,” Henry said. “When they’re working 10-12 hours a day sometimes, that’s not all the time, that’s not something they can do forever.”

Marshfield teacher, Lisa Messick, said this change will help her from having to work so much on her days off.

“I am typically spending a lot of my weekend working on schoolwork,” Messick said. “My Sunday afternoons are usually sitting on my couch with my laptop and I’m spending hours working on lesson plans. It’s going to be really nice to have some of those Mondays that we can come in, we can devote to doing that, so when I’m in the classroom I can just be teaching, and when I’m at home I can just be at home.”

Henry said the change will add 26 minutes to each school day.

“There’s many other schools,” Henry said. “We’re going to be one of the larger ones in the state right now doing this. We’re trying to take all of those, get as much expertise from those area schools as we can, and learn from that and implement the best plan that we can.”

He said the district plans on having free childcare options available for K-8 grade students on these Mondays.