POLK COUNTY, Mo. – A man charged with assaulting a Greene County deputy after a high-speed chase has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Seth Hay is sentenced to 25 years in prison for 1st-degree Assault on a special victim and 5 years in prison for Assault.

According to the PC statement, on Friday, Dec. 11, 2020, Greene County deputies were dispatched to several domestic disturbance calls. Hays then threatened the caller, saying he was going to stab them unless they bought him a gun to kill himself.

The caller then told the deputies Hay stole their vehicle which he used to pick up a passenger in search of drugs. In an interview room, the passenger said this was their first encounter with Hay who asked them where he could purchase some methamphetamine. They were then heading back to the passenger’s residence when Greene County deputies attempted to pull Hay over.

Hay then proceeded to drive away, at speeds reaching 100 m.p.h. The car chase took place from State Highway WW to State Highway 13 which eventually went into Polk County.

Hay kept going straight until he pointed his car in Greene County Lt. Westbrook’s vehicle. Hay then struck Westbrook’s vehicle which Westbrook was on the other side of. Westbrook’s car hit him and threw him around 50 feet from where he was.

Hay was taken into custody shortly after. Hay said the reason he hit Westbrook’s car was that he felt like he had “lost it all” and didn’t want to go back to prison. So, he wanted to “end it all” and hit the Lieutenant’s vehicle.