CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. – Charges have been filed against a man in the death of 36-year-old Tanner Elmore.

According to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, Eric Cole has been charged with Class A Felony of 2nd Degree Murder, Class C Felony of Conspiracy to Commit an Unclassified Felony (narcotics), the Class E Felony of Abandonment of a Corpse, and the Class A Misdemeanor of Stealing.

Elmore was last seen at the Camdenton Walmart on June 7th. Surveillance identified Cole, 40 years old, as a person of interest in the disappearance case.

On July 13th, Jefferson City detectives notified Camden County Sheriff’s Office detectives that Cole was in custody on unrelated charges.

Camden County Sheriff’s Office detectives interviewed Cole and he admitted that he and Elmore were driving together to buy narcotics from Jefferson City.

While using the narcotics, Cole said Elmore had a bad reaction and overdosed. Cole said he tried to get Narcan from an acquaintance but was unsuccessful.

Cole said he then drove Elmore back to Camden County without stopping at a hospital, ambulance base, fire station, police station, or anywhere else where he could have received medical attention.

He then drove to the McCubbins Point area of Lake of the Ozarks State Park and left Elmore’s body there in a wooded area.

Cole also took Elmore’s cell phone, which he later sold.

On July 14th, detectives went to the place Cole had told them he left Elmore’s body and found remains that matched Elmore’s description and had the same clothes on that Elmore had last been seen wearing in the surveillance video.

Cole is being held without bond at the Cole County Jail.