SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– A Springfield area man has been charged after allegedly being involved in a shooting.

Erick Garcia was charged with four counts of first-degree robbery, one count armed criminal action, and one count of first-degree assault – serious physical injury or special victim.

Springfield police responded to a report of a male who had been shot on April 2, 2020.

According to the probable cause statement, when officers arrived, the victim, Brandon Sanders, had been shot in his upper back. Sanders was transported to a local hospital.

There was a witness in the vehicle with Sanders. The witness told police he had been communicating with Garcia on Facebook. They were supposed to be meeting up at the bus stop on Glenn and Division to sell him two ounces of marijuana.

The witness told police that Sanders drove him to meet Garcia. When they arrived, they saw Garcia get out of his vehicle with a gun in his hand. Garcia told them to give him everything they had.

Sanders attempted to drive off and Garcia fired one shot that hit Sanders in the back.

The witness later identified Garcia from a photo that police showed him.

Police say Garcia is also a suspect in another robbery that took place on March 23, 2020. In the second robbery, a witness, Garcia’s friend, told officers that he and Garcia met at Grant Beach Park, located at 1401 n. Main.

The witness said when he arrived at the park are spotted Garcia and four or five other black men exiting their vehicle. The witness said Garica and the other men then surrounded his car and opened all the doors.

The witness had two other people in the vehicle with him.

Garcia then aimed a gun at his friend and told him to give him all his belongings. The witness did as Garcia asked and gave up his wallet and phone. The two passengers also gave up their personal belongings.

Garcia and the other men left the area.

The witness sais he found his phone at the intersection of Divison and Kansas later using the “Find my iPhone” app.