ROGERSVILLE, Mo – A family-run farm is allowing people to pick flowers for their own bouquets.

Jeremy and Staci Hill own the Gooseberry Bridge Farm in Rogersville. The farm has over ten thousand flowers varying in about 30 different types.

“When we started doing this no one around here was doing ‘you pick’ flowers. We found out it was something people really liked.” says Jeremy Hill. He explains that customers are given a container and are able to fill it with as many flowers that they want. You only pay the fee for the container.

After purchasing the land in 2016, Jeremy, Staci, and their six children began building the farm. The 12-acre land has fields, woods, a stream, and a bridge that connects to the farm. They also have a herd of goats and sheep, chickens, ducks, guineas, heritage turkeys, quail,  KuneKune pigs, and rabbits. The children are assigned to take care of each animal, while the parents tend to the flower farm.

“We have an end-goal in mind of raising our children into good people and having a business. As long as everything points towards that end, we’re probably doing the right thing,” says Hill. He says the children are being homeschooled and the farm helps teach the kids responsibility and how to run a business.

For more information and picking times for Gooseberry Bridge Farm go to their website here or their Facebook page here.