SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A local Girl Scout is selling products to help raise money for an organization close to her heart.

This 10-year-old girl, Adalia Ligon, makes and sells candles, soaps, and earrings to raise money for Rescue One animal foster-based rescue organization.

Along with her family, Adalia said she has helped foster more than 80 dogs through Rescue One.

“We’ve had some dogs that have been really sick, that it took a lot of money for them to get better,” Adalia said. “We had one that was like $10,000 worth in medical stuff, and they got all of it and we fostered him and they were able to cure him and he now lives at his forever home.”

Adalia said through fostering, she’s seen how expensive it is to care for animals. She said she wanted to find a way to also help financially.

“Whenever I was seven, me and my sister started making earrings and stuff, and we already knew how to sew and stuff, and our mom taught us how to make soap and candles and then we made a bunch of crayons and we started selling stuff at adoption events,” Adalia said.

She said this year, the business has already raised more than $700 for the cause.

Her sister, Elseya Ligon, also helps with the business.”It’s just a lot of gratitude and it feels really nice to know that we can have a positive impact on this rescue that has done so much for us and so much for animals,” Elseya said.

Adalia and Elseya said they will be opening a kiosk with their products on Jan. 3 a the Fairbanks Coffee Shop.

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