SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — As we inch towards the fall season, many people look ahead to the Thanksgiving holiday.

But Thanksgiving turkeys might be hard to come by this year due to supply cost issues and inflation.

Workers for the Ozarks Food Harvest are putting in more effort so that you don’t have to make any trade-offs this holiday season.

Jordan Browning, the public information officer for Ozarks Food Harvest, spoke about the problems his organization was facing.

“We are dealing with an increased cost,” Browning said. “So, the turkeys that we ordered last year cost us about $51,000. Not, to get that same amount, it’s going to cost us $68,000. There’s a significant cost to get the same amount of protein that we were doing in the previous year.”

Due to supply chain issues, they are paying more this year for turkeys but receiving 25% less supply than they did last year. The Ozark Food Harvest serves 28 different counties in Missouri, which is roughly one-third of the state.

Even items such as saltine crackers have become more expensive.

One of the big ways the food bank has combated these problems is by buying more food so that they can provide it to those in need in southwest Missouri. But it comes at a cost because they spent half a million dollars more.

Browning says that it’s pivotal for the food bank to make those adjustments because they do not want people to make trade-offs or put them in a position to do so.

“It’s gonna be trouble for the average consumer because of supply chain issues and inflation,” Browning said. ” … So, I think a lot of what we are seeing is affecting not only people facing hunger but just average folk in the community.”