SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A local film challenge festival will be underway Friday evening.

For 17 years, creators Jeff Clinkenbeard and Kyaw Tha Hla have promoted their “Springfield and the Ozarks 48-hour” (SATO48) film challenge. The idea of SATO48 is to provide a real-world proving ground that challenges filmmakers at all skill levels to create impactful short films on short notice.

Teams of filmmakers from all over the country join in to create a 5-minute or less film in the span of 48 hours. From Friday evening to Sunday evening, filmmakers must create an original story based on or around an inspiration package provided by Clinkenbeard and Hla.

“It can be pieces they have to include like lines of dialog or particular shots like a shadow or reflection, or it can be prohibitions. One year we said ‘No guns’. Every male filmmaker came to us and said, ‘I can’t tell a story without a gun.’ And we said, ‘Well, use knives.'” says Clinkenbeard. Inspiration packages have ranged from showing a set of binary codes to a dead squid.

When the films are submitted, the films are then screened at The Moxie a few weeks later. The audience votes for their favorite and the top films are given to international judges to narrow down the finalists and winners in Academy Award style categories.

An award ceremony will take place several weeks later.

“They give an acceptance speech. They get money. They watch their film on that huge screen at the lovely Gillioz with between 400 to 600 people. And that’s an evening of great fun and the best of a red carpet experience.” says Clinkenbeard.

To participate, you must apply by 6:00 p.m. Friday night. For more information, click here.