BATTLEFIELD, Mo.– It’s what gives beer, among other things, that bubbly taste and feel.

It’s CO2, or carbon dioxide.

In some parts of the country, brewers are seeing more shortages of the product— and fewer bubbles.

“There’s a fine line to get a beer carb to where it needs to be. That’s kind of an all or nothing,” Kary Walker, one of the owners of Wire Road Brewing Company said. “You can’t decide to back off your carbonation. There’s a psi or there’s you know, there’s something that dials in that makes that a perfect mouthfeel. CO2 does play a big part of that.”

Walker says the shortage has affected their product yet.

“You know, our fermenters, we’ve got CO2, we’re carbing beer all the time,” Walker said. The fact that there could possibly be a shortage is concerning. But I’m not so sure that here in town we’re as concerned.”

However, Walker said he’s aware of the trouble the shortage could bring.

One customer at Wire Road said any shortage at a brewery would be inconvenient.

“As far as far as being able to come out here and have a couple of drinks, I mean, it would definitely change the course of what my life looks like on a Friday and Saturday,” Ryan Fleming said. “I mean, if there was a shortage, and we weren’t able to get [our favorite drink] we would probably look for our two alternative options.”