BRANSON, Mo. — Guests at King’s Castle Theatre on the Branson strip may know the phenomenal voice of Brian Caraker. After long nights Caraker spends performing in the live entertainment capital, he returns home to his 20-acre farm in Omaha, Arkansas.

“I really wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Caraker. “It’s so nice for me because these are two very different interests that I have, and Branson has created the type of community where I’m allowed to do both. I can perform during the day and make money doing what I love, but then I can also go home and do the farming that I love, and it gives me kind of, it kind of feeds my soul, the animals do.”

The Missouri Farm Bureau has proclaimed Feb. 28- March 6 as “Thank a Farmer Week.” Caraker is proving that you don’t have to discard one dream to live another.

Caraker said he has been passionate about farming from a young age.

“From birth basically, I played with little farm animal toys and barns and fences and I was always building my own little farm,” said Caraker.

It wasn’t until Caraker was in elementary school that he discovered the world of performing.

“Most kids were watching cartoons,” said Caraker. “My mother had me watching movie musicals from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s.”

Caraker was shy growing up and didn’t share his singing talents until he was pushed to perform in a fifth-grade school play.

“I loved it,” said Caraker. “I had such a great time and for the first time in my life, my parents got to see that there was something to this acting and singing thing.”

Caraker continues to perform in multiple shows for the King’s Castle Theatre while managing his farm where he raises, among other livestock, Nubian Goats and Jersey Cattle. He says his job also allows him to continue to work as an American Bantam Association (ABA) Judge.

“It’s a really incredible balance that I’m able to have here with my schedule because you know it is early mornings, but I’m able to do what I love and there’s nothing that can beat that,” said Caraker.

Caraker is also a licensed ABA judge who judges bantam chickens at fairs and local agriculture events.

Look at Brian Caraker’s photos of his farm animals and him singing in Branson below: