LACLEDE COUNTY, Mo. — A Lebanon man was arrested July 3 and charged with the rape, assault, and kidnapping of a cab driver.

Jerry Edward Warnock, 52, was arrested after the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call early July 3. On the call, responders heard a female’s voice asking someone not to hurt her, to which a man’s voice responded “I am not going to hurt you.” According to a report from the sheriff’s office, the victim then asked the man not to use zip ties.

The cab driver said she received a call to pick up a passenger on South Jefferson Avenue in Lebanon for transport to Hemlock Road. After the cab reached Hemlock, the passenger wrapped a seatbelt around the driver’s neck, restrained her with zip ties, and threatened her with a knife.

Warnock was arrested in connection to the rape, assault, and kidnapping of a 32-year-old cab driver. He is currently being held in the Laclede County Detention Center. Warnock already had two outstanding warrants for his arrest: one for possession of a controlled substance and one for second-degree burglary.

Bond has been denied for Warnock.