SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The judge hearing Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s lawsuit against Springfield schools has deemed Schmitt’s petition is burdened with political content and ordered him to amend and resubmit the suit.

Circuit Judge Mark Powell said the case rightly should focus on whether the Springfield school system has lived up to its obligations regarding open records and not on what and how the schools are teaching about race.

Schmitt had sued the district after it sought what he described as “exorbitant” fees for copies of public records requested under the state’s open records laws.

His suit alleged that the system was teaching Critical Race Theory and engaged in diversity training of teachers and staff.

The schools responded with a motion to strike language in the suit that did not apply directly to the provision of records and Judge Powell generally agreed with their position.

He ordered Schmitt’s office to redact from its petition language that he said was too political and focus on whether the school system had lived up to its Sunshine Law obligations.

Schmitt was given 20 days to file a first amended petition.