KIMBERLING CITY, Mo. – The Kimberling City police chief and several officers have submitted their resignations from the police department due to new opportunities and current pay rates.

According to the Kimberling City administration, Police Chief Craig Alexander submitted his resignation on August 23. Alexander is accepting another position and told the mayor of Kimberling City it was because
he needed change, and he wanted to better himself.

Other officers include:

Officer Shaun McCafferty submitted his resignation on September 1. McCafferty said his reasoning was because he was offered an opportunity to “Better myself and my employment status.”

Officer Rutger House submitted his resignation on September 2. House did not give a reason for his resignation. City officials say he is moving out of state.

Sergeant Aaron Hoeft submitted his resignation on September 7. Hoeft stated his reasoning was, “unfortunately the inevitability of having no qualified officers at the current pay rate and no police clerk able to assist in the administration side of running this department, I feel it would be impossible to do the job at the best of my abilities.”

Officer Caleb McCarty submitted his resignation on September 8. McCarty did not give a reason for his resignation.

“It is unfortunate these officers have decided to leave the city at this time. This was unexpected, and the short notice is disappointing,” City officials said in a statement to OzarksFirst.

Kimberling City does have agreements with the Stone County Sherriff’s Department and the City of Branson West to assist Kimberling City until the Police Department is fully staffed.

“The Mayor and Board of Aldermen have given full approval to recruit a new Police Chief and supporting staff, and they will be hired as soon as possible,” the statement says.