SPRINGFIELD, MO– City Utilities of Springfield (CU) is sending two, four-man crews to the Kansas City area to help with fixing damage from storms this past weekend.

CU got a call this morning from Evergy Utilities in Kansas City asking if any crew was available to assist them up north.

Matt Norman, Manager of CU Electric Operations stated that when they get calls like this its take a little time to get the crew assembled, but once they do they get things prepared and ready to go as soon as they can.

They try to decide what equipment they need to take on the trip and just make due. CU employees on a trip like this also have to prepare for every situation, run, sun, snow, cold weather, warm weather, climbing equipment, lights, and items like extra gloves.

Matt Norman said he wasn’t sure how long the crew would be helping, but believe it would be once customers have power restored.