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Josh Hawley speaks out on what the political climate is like in Washington

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Missouri Senator Josh Hawley talks about what the political climate is like in Washington D.C. right now.

“I mean there’s a lot that you can do, but again you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work,” Hawley said. “Right now, I’m afraid that Washington D.C. and the democrats, in particular, they don’t want to work. They just want to have a partisan circus until the presidential election.”

Hawley’s fellow Congressman Adam Schiff suggested today that it is the President who is focused on 2020.

“This is one of the few impeachment inquiries in the history of our country,” Schiff said. “It goes to the core of whether the president abused his office to seek political help in his reelection campaign.”

Meanwhile overseas, Turkish forces are air striking Syria.

The President is condemning the attacks but keeping troops out of the area. Many Republicans, like Hawley’s fellow Senator for Missouri Roy Blunt says Trump should rethink his decision.

Hawley says he agrees with the president.

“We are not there to police the region, and we’re not there to be in these endless forever wars. So I think the President is right.” Hawley said.

Hawley says in the middle east, the focus should be on counter-terrorism rather than fighting battles for other countries. On the topic of joe Biden calling for impeachment, Hawley says he is not surprised by Biden’s stance.

Watch the video above to hear the entire interview.