SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Jake Wesley Rogers is a rising star in the music industry. But, before Rogers moved to Los Angeles and signed a deal with Warner Records, he grew up in Ozark and Springfield.

As a kid, Rogers performed with Springfield Little Theater. He got his first taste of the national spotlight by appearing on America’s Got Talent at age 15. Ten years later, he’s making a name for himself with bold, eye-catching costumes and energetic performances.

“It is all dreams coming true. It is amazing,” Rogers told Ozarks Fox anchor Mike Landis during an exclusive interview on Monday. “I have to sort of pinch myself that this is really special and I am just really grateful to be making music that people want to hear especially after these two years.”

Rogers has performed on several national network programs recently, including The Late Late Show with James Corden. He was also seen on Good Morning America. His latest national performance was on the Ellen Degeneres Show on on April 5, 2022.

“When I think of my career thus far and think of how I got to this place, I think it is just really remaining true to myself and telling my story wholeheartedly,” Rogers said.

Rogers is also somewhat of a fashion icon. Vogue Magazine featured Rogers and called him the Elton John of Gen Z.

“It has been really cool. He has been a huge supporter of my music in the last year,” Rogers said about John. “He has had me on his show and I kind of consider him a friend at this point which is kind of surreal.”

Rogers’ mom, Valorie, remains his number one fan.

“It is funny because when you see somebody that has success suddenly, everybody just thinks- oh my gosh it just happened overnight,” Valorie Rogers said. “In his case as well, he has been working on it since he was three years old.”

“I think I am one of the only people who talks to him about are you getting enough sleep, are you eating okay,” she said. “We just couldn’t be prouder of him and the person that he is and at the end of the day I think he just wants to make a difference and make the world better.”

Rogers said he hopes the message behind his songs is what makes the biggest impact.

“Being different and growing up in the Ozarks isn’t easy, as I am sure a lot of people can relate,” Rogers said. “I think I just tell people to be authentic and to tell the truth. Because I think those are two of the hardest things to do and something that we are all afraid of.”

“Don’t let the haters get you down basically, that is my message.”

Jake Wesley Rogers said he and his team are working on a tour schedule. He also plans a special performance in Springfield sometime in the coming months. Details are still in the works.