MISSOURI— Sheriffs from across Missouri have been posting on social media and sending news releases promising not to share citizens’ information when it comes to conceal carry weapons permits. This is in response to an audit the FBI is planning to do in Missouri in August to check compliance with policies.

Is the FBI seeking information on people’s CCW permits? According to the FBI, they are not, and Missouri law prohibits them from doing so.

Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt sent a letter on July 13 to the FBI director demanding the bureau stop trying to obtain this information from local sheriffs. Schmitt said in a news release the FBI is planning to travel to Missouri in August to audit sheriff’s departments across the state. A full copy of the letter can be found at this link.

However, in a tweet posted on July 15, FBI Kansas City said, “as part of the planned Missouri audit, a small sampling of system transactions is to be inspected for compliance and to ensure there is no misuse of CJIS systems.”

CJIS stands for Criminal Justice Information Services.

The tweet from FBI Kansas City said auditors would not require access to lists such as state-approved concealed carry permits. It also states, “Missouri has been through this routine audit multiple times, most recently in 2018.”