SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Shoppers were flocking to grocery stores on Friday to prepare for Easter weekend. In Nixa, many people headed to the Harter House Supermarket.

This year, state experts said virtually everything shoppers put in their carts will be costing a little more.

“Meat, whether it’s beef, pork, poultry, eggs, we’re seeing on average roughly a 14 percent increase in prices over this past year,” said Garrett Hawkins, President of the Missouri Farm Bureau. “Dairy products are up about seven percent, and fruit and vegetables are up about nine percent.”

Shoppers said they’re specifically seeing price increases when it comes to eggs.

“They are a lot more than I ever recall them being,” said Brad Chasteen, a worker at Harter House. “Although, we do have the Martin Farm Egg, which are a local company, and they tend to be the most economically sound one.”

Others shopping on Friday said they’re okay with spending a little bit more for Easter.

“It is what it is,” said shopper Dusty Loveland. “It seems like everything is going up.”

The Missouri Farm Bureau said farmers are resilient during this time.

“Regardless of what we’re seeing in the economy, we’re going to get a crop in the ground,” said Hawkins. “We’re going to continue to raise high-quality animals and poultry so that ultimately you have a choice at the grocery store.”

Grocery store workers recommend people try to come in as early as possible to make sure they can get what they need for Easter.