MARSHFIELD, Mo.– Many restaurants have been feeling the pressure of inflation, with rising costs, short supply and not enough help.

JnL’s Restaurant in Marshfield is no exception— they’ve announced they’ll soon be closing.

John Martin opened JnL’s over a year ago, and said he has been dealing with many of the same struggles plaguing small restaurants across America.

“They’ve gotten so astronomical, it’s not even feasible to stay open,” Martin said. “I order stuff and, ‘Oh, we’re out, we’re out, we’re out.'”

Martin said the decision to close JnL’s was a hard one to make.

“I basically have failed all my people, but trying to keep the kitchen going and with no staff, it’s become impossible,” Martin said.

When the doors shut for the last time, Martin said he will be losing more than just his restaurant.

“I did it all on cash, out of pocket,” Martin said. “My retirement savings. And it’s now all gone. Hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Martin’s right-hand woman, Tammie Maples, said it’ll be difficult not seeing her regulars anymore.

“I mean, we’ve already been crying,” Maples. “I have a table of ladies over there, and I’ve waited on them from day one and I was unlocking the front doors today for the last time on a Wednesday, and they were getting out of their cars and they were all crying already. And you know, it’s just going to be hard.”

I sat down with two customers who frequent JnL’s to hear what they think of the news. They said it was a big loss to the community.

“We’re going to really miss coming here.”

JnL’s plan to be open until this Sunday, unless they run out of food before then. Martin said he doesn’t know what he’ll be doing after this, but his regulars hope to see him and his food make a return someday.