SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Local businesses are benefitting from people looking for indoor activities.

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Springfield is packed outside and cold inside.

“That’s the thing about summer is we are competing with all the wonderful activities outside, so when it is unbearably hot, that’s when we come in,” said Manager David Mann.

“Getting a couple of hours to come into a theater, enjoy some cold beverages, maybe get a beer, watch a movie,” Mann said people are heading back to the movies. The ticket sales are there to prove it.

“We had our biggest weekend when Thor released,” said Mann. “What that looks like is about 3,000 to 3,200 guests in a day. We sold, I think that Saturday, we sold all but 350 seats throughout the whole day. That’s including like those one-off seats. For the most part, just about every movie was sold out.” 

The parking lot also stays full over at Relics Antique Mall. “We’ve been very busy, very busy,” said Owner Beverly Robb.

“We are setting sales records actually here at Relics. We’ve been as much as 80 percent over previous years, on most months.” The hot temperatures seem to help with drawing people in.

“We can stay here as long as we like,” said Pat Carlstrom, a customer. “There are so many things to look at. You miss them the first time around.”