SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Mojomox.com, an online brand designing site, conducted a poll of 3,236 Americans across each state asking: If your state flag was to be redesigned, how would you like it to look?

Each state has its own symbol to represent its history and contribution to the nation.

Most of these flags were created hundreds of years ago – some were a result of contests, while others were drafted through as a legislative process. But are these designs a modern reflection of what each state is known for today, given the centuries that have passed?

While some of the results of the Mojomox.com poll were quite predictable (New Yorkers opted of the Statue of Liberty, and Pennsylvanians voted for their Liberty Bell), the research revealed some very interesting results for Missouri.

In the Show-Me State, nearly half (40%) of respondents felt that if their flag were to be rebranded – hypothetically, of course – it should include something to do with caves, which only makes sense considering its nickname the ‘Cave State’. It’s home to over 7,000 documented caves and there’s a reason behind this: two common forms of rock in Missouri are limestone and dolomite, both of which are easily dissolved by acidic water that flows beneath the ground. The dissolving of this rock by the water, thus, begins the formation of a cave.

Over 1 in 3 respondents here thought their flag rebrand should feature something to do with farmlands. With farmlands occupying over 60% of the state’s land, it’s no surprise that in 2017, it was found to have one of the highest number of farms in the country – second only to Texas.

Fourteen percent of respondents thought their flag rebrand should feature the iconic Missouri BBQ. One of the most popular styles of BBQ is Kansas City-style, which originated in its name place and refers to the way the smoked meat is slowly cooked in a pit, created by the self-proclaimed “Father of Kansas City barbecue” and restaurateur, Henry Perry.

Finally, 8% of people thought the flag rebrand should feature none other than… Missouri-native, leader of the James-Younger Gang, and outlaw, Jesse James.

If you would like to see what Missouri’s hypothetical flag or any other state’s flag, click here.