SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Many families anxiously awaited the winning numbers of the $830-million Mega Millions drawing Tuesday night.

Families were still out buying tickets on Thursday.

“I’m motivated by that big number there, 830 million,” Michele Keller said. “I don’t usually play the lottery at all or even scratchers or gamble. But my husband says you can’t win if you don’t play.”

Other neighbors buy lottery tickets weekly.

“[I buy lottery tickets] at least once or twice a week,” Bob Johnson said. He bought his Mega Millions tickets a few days before Thursday.

KOLR10 asked ticket holders what they would do with the Mega Millions money if they won.

“I feel like [the money] would probably solve a lot of our problems,” Keller said. “We are in between jobs and in between housing. We’re trying just to improve as much as we can in our lives and I think this would make a big difference.”

Johnson said he would use the money for several things and make the decision to retire.

“I take care of my family, then retire and travel overseas where my wife wanted to,” Johnson said.

Retiring is something John Njeri would do too.

“I would retire,” Njeri said. He said he’s played the lottery a few times but hasn’t won much. “I would buy a yacht and a Lamborghini.”

The drawing is Thursday night at 10 p.m.