Football season is back, and concerts are set to happen in the Ozarks this fall.

One of those concerts is Garth Brooks.

Tickets are hard to come by as thousands have already been sold. 

The Better Business Bureau said that’s when scammers try to get involved.

“What Better Business Bureau is recently seeing is Ticketmaster look-alike websites that are popping up,” said Sarah Wetzel with the BBB. “Double checking the URL. Making sure that it does spell out exactly where you think you are.”

The BBB said not every ticket sold will actually end up in someone’s hands. Some tickets won’t work when used. 

Brittany Logan said buying tickets that aren’t legitimate can happen easily.

She recently tried to buy Morgan Wallen tickets from someone online.

She sent $100 and said the tickets were never sent.

“If the deal seems too good to be true it probably is,” said Logan.

Wetzel said it’s important to read reviews from the BBB on the company people may purchase tickets from.

If purchasing from someone on social media, she said it’s best to do as much research as you can.

“Seeing where they purchased the ticket from, and if they’re just able to transfer the ticket through Ticketmaster, that’s going to be a lot more legitimate than just saying I have these tickets and I’ll email them to you or send them,” said Wetzel. 

Wetzel said to make sure it seems like a real social media profile with real friends.