SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Political science is a popular subject at universities and professors are seeing more students passionate about certain political issues.

Reporter Frances Lin spoke with three different political science professors today.

The professors said students are fired up about the issues during the current political climate.

“Gay marriage for example. Abortion, free speech, freedom of religion, they’re all very contentious issues out in the political sphere,” Dr. Kevin Pybas said, assistant professor of political science at MSU.

Some students are eager to talk to class but others are scared of giving or receiving offense.

“Conservative students feel beleaguered because at least in popular culture there’s perception of them being demonized,” Pybas said.

All three professors have ways of making sure students are able to safely express their opinions.

“That’s really how you combat having a bias in the classroom. You just bring the students to the facts, from there, they can generate very strong opinions sometimes, and in those opinion generation, they can share with each other and understand each other better,” Andrew Crocker said, professor at OTC.