SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Mercy Hospital is donating over $100,000 in medical supplies to help Ukrainian refugees. Mercy said respiratory therapist Alex Limonchencko played a big part in making the donation happen.

Limonchencko wanted to show his support for Ukraine, as he has family there now. He said he gets updates from his family daily, and the stories he hears are terrifying.

“I saw a video of a bombing, little babies, infants, were in a basement of the hospital in this stack, a lot of those there, and nurses were bagging them,” Limonchencko said. “I’m like, ‘How can we help them to get better quicker and be safe?'”

Limonchencko came to the United States when he was 18. His sister is still back in Ukraine.

Since the war, Limonchencko has joined several prayer circles held in downtown Springfield for Ukraine. But he wanted to do more, and asked Mercy for help.

Mercy partnered with Convoy of Hope to get supplies over to Ukraine. With Convoy already on the ground, the hospital said the nonprofit knew exactly what was needed.

“We identified a list that we thought would be very, very helpful,” Mercy spokesperson Bill Hennessey said. “And then we worked very closely with Convoy of Hope, because they have so much experience and they have a lot of supplies, medical supplies that have made it there already.”

“This is just a wonderful donation that will really affect people in a tangible way and give them the treatment that they need in those situations when the rest of their life is turned upside down,” Convoy of Hope spokesperson Ethan Forhetz said.

The hospital is sending a total of 13 stacks of equipment, including gauze and medical kits. Mercy is hoping to get the supplies shipped out very soon.