HOLLISTER, Mo. — Hollister students scored above the state average in 14 of 18 overall tested areas in the 2021 spring Missouri Assessment Program (MAP). Sandy Leech, Hollister Schools Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, sent an email to thank all of the students as well as parents and teachers for their hard work during the pandemic.

“One thing we also did for teachers during COVID-19 was offer some self-care professional development like how to take care of yourself during a pandemic and we gave them some time to do that on the district,” said Leech. “So we’ve really tried to look at the whole teacher, how to support them, and the whole student because during COVID we set up meal stations where they could like come pick up meals. We knew it’s not just about providing the education even though that is our main role. We also look at the whole student and the whole child on how to support them as well.”

Hollister also improved on their test scores from 2019 in 15 of 18 overall tested areas. Adding to those accomplishments, the school district also announced Hollister High School students scored above the state average on the ACT.

Richard White teaches high school chemistry for Hollister and prepares his students to take the ACT to help them get into a college or university. White said he is excited and very proud of his students’ achievements.

“I’m very excited about it because of all the testing we do, the ACT is one that follows these students outside of this building. You know, plays a role in their future so it’s really what we call a high stakes test,” White explained. “So I’m pleased to see them do well on it because it could mean money in their pocket and entrance into programs that are competitive and it also compares us nationally so I’m really pleased with our scores and hope we continue that trend.”