SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The historic Heritage Cafeteria property has been acquired by Coryell Collaborative Group who plans to turn the property into a multi-use building, according to the company.

Sam and Jennifer Coryell purchased the property on March 17, 2021. The purchase also includes the four storefront business strip directly south of the Heritage Cafeteria building.

“I’m nostalgic for Heritage, I grew up in the area, and ate there a lot with my parents,” said Sam.

Heritage Cafeteria was in business in Springfield for 56 years and was located at 1364 East Battlefield Road. It eventually closed down due to business being down and expenses being too much, according to the former owner Don Evans. The Heritage Cafeteria opened its first restaurant in 1960 by Evans and his grandfather.

The new multi-use building will be five-stories. It will also have 95 luxury apartment homes and 6,350 square feet of retail space. For amenities, it will include a pool, rooftop fitness center and lounge and a common space.

Some people have concerns about a new building at that corner since it’s a busy intersection.

“You can walk down and get your haircut, you can go to Andy’s. There’s all these great things you can do, and you never have to get in your car,” said Sam. “And that’s what the emerging generation wants.”

The building will have floor plans from micro-studios to three-bedrooms.

“The Heritage Cafeteria was a mainstay in Springfield for so many generations and bringing this new development to life will provide the next generations another way to enjoy this iconic spot,” Coryell said. “It’s only right to reignite this landmark and keep its legacy alive while offering modern apartment homes and a place for businesses to thrive.”

The new multi-use building is set to break ground in the fall of 2021.

Below is a KOLR10 file story from 1985 of the Heritage Cafeteria celebrating 25 years at the Battlefield location.