SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — KOLR 10 Daybreak talked to Marci Bowling of Watching Over Whiskers and Faith the cat in the studio Wednesday.

Bowling founded Watching Over Whiskers to help cats in the Springfield area get healthy and find their forever homes. The cats that her organization has helped include Faith, who joined her in our conversation.

Faith was a shell of a cat when she first came into Watching Over Whiskers’ care in February, Bowling said.

“You will not recognize this cat compared to when she first came in,” Bowling said. “She had been found abused and actually tortured.”

Bowling said that her team wasn’t sure if Faith was going to make it. But with a little care and attention, Faith is back to good health and was happily purring Wednesday.

Faith is one of hundreds of cats Watching Over Whiskers helps every year.

“We do take in a lot of E.R. cases from the community,” Bowling said. She said that some shelters don’t have the time and resources to take care of some of the tough situations such as the one that Faith was in. That’s where Watching Over Whiskers comes in.

If you want help Watching Over Whiskers take care of area cats, either through volunteering, donating, or becoming a foster home, you can call 417-324-4486 or visit WatchingOverWhiskers.org.

“We’re overrun with cats this year, so if you’re thinking about fostering or adopting, we definitely need help,” Bowling said, adding that the organization has over 215 cats it’s taking care of.