SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- The food and drug administration creates a new class of hearing aids that do not require a medical exam, a prescription, or other specialty evaluations. These devices are intended for adults with mild to moderate hearing problems.  

Hearing aids will not only be more accessible but also more affordable. It will be easy to go to a local store and pick them up. Today the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved over-the-counter hearing aids are to be sold. Congress passed the legislation back in 2017. This bill also approves anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss to buy hearing aids over the counter without a prescription, medical examination, or a fitting. 

Local hearing aid specialist Rex McGee and owner of the enhanced hearing center says that this bill passing could be a starting place for people who feel they may be dealing with hearing loss.  

“For our industry, we have always felt like the 20% of the people that have a hearing impairment to do something about it. So that leaves 80% of the people that, you know, are cast as vanity. We’ve already had a lot of people that have tried over-the-counter hearing aids that you can’t get through mail order and after a few months, they come in and they want to, you know, try something more serious. We as an industry feel like this is going to be a good thing because it’s going to allow people to have an opportunity to try something ahead of time.” 

To put this in perspective. prescribed hearing aids can cost any wear from two thousand dollars or more. where over-the-counter hearing aids like these can start off around 600 dollars.  

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) cites studies that estimate 30 million adults could potentially benefit from hearing aid use. But only about one-fifth of that amount currently uses the devices. The rule takes effect in 60 DAYS. which means we could potentially buy hearing aids over the counter by mid-October.