SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The world of Glamping has begun to spread to the Ozarks, but what is it and where can you try it out?

Glamorous camping or Glamping is the concept of luxury camping involving tents, tipis, pods, or trailers that are filled with amenities like beds, lights, and even air conditioning. A part of the appeal is that you do not have to set up the tent as it is typically installed by a Glamping company or the campsite providers.

Glamping doesn’t necessarily have to be out in the wilderness or campground.

Darrell Redus, co-owner of Ozark Valley Glamping, spoke to Ozarksfirst.com about his business that opened up in March of this year.

“We deliver glamping tents to people’s backyards for, you know, birthdays, date night, any kind of celebration, really. We also can do local campsites as well if we have some agreements with those state parks, stuff like that all around the Springfield/Branson area,” says Redus.

Redus and his wife, originally from this area, were living in Phoenix and met someone who was providing glamping services. They stayed in a glamping resort in Flagstaff that had bunk beds, lighting, and fans. This inspired them to start the glamping business.

“Big Cedar, they have a setup that’s really nice. I mean, these are top of the line with a kitchen and everything,” says Redus. “We’ll be able to bring it to people in a more affordable, easier situation.”

He says not everyone is happy with the idea of sleeping outside with the heat and humidity, so he provides air conditioning, full memory foam bedding, tables, chairs, projectors, and fireplace heaters.

“We thought, well, what a great thing to be able to give to our fellow neighbors. And to be able to experience something without having to travel, you know, 400 miles to experience it,” says Redus.

Setup time takes about 2 hours depending on the complexity of the design. Customers would check-in for an overnight, like a hotel, and when they leave the company will come in to clean up and take down the tents.

Some larger Glamping sites can be found at Big Cedar’s Camp Long Creek, the African Treehouse Lodge in Branson, or the Serengeti Suite Safari Lodge at Turpentine Creek in Eureka Springs.

For more information about Ozark Valley Glamping, click here.