SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- The flowers have already bloomed this year, but that doesn’t mean allergy season is over.

Pollen is still a headache for many around the Ozarks this summer despite “Allergy Season” being over. Climate change has the potential to change allergy seasons with warmer seasonal temperatures, added carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and changes in precipitation patterns. Due to all these changes in the weather, the way we know allergy season is changing.

Pollen is a fine powder made by reproducing plants and is typically carried by the wind during spring, summer and fall. The pollen that comes from these plants can trigger allergic reactions with symptoms that might include sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, a runny nose and nasal congestion.

According to the Springfield Greene County Health Department, tree and ragweed pollen count are low but mold and grass are trending high here in the Ozarks. The Health Department said there is no easy way to predict future pollen activity. The Greene County Health Department updates the local pollen count every Monday through Friday on their website.

If you struggle with allergies this summer you can always use these tips to help mitigate that pollen: Remember to always check the weather, as conditions such as wind can increase pollen levels in your area. To remove pollen that you pick up after being outside, take a shower and change your clothes. And, when you are indoors try to use an air purifier and keep your windows closed.

Above all, if you are struggling with allergies, find relief options that work for you. There is a wide range of medications and nasal sprays that can bring relief to various allergy symptoms.