SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A big increase in funding will lead to changes for a few of the Greenway trails.

The Ozarks Transportation Organization (OTO) will put 1.6 million dollars into four separate projects.

One trail, the Fassnight Trail, will be extended from Phelps Grove Park to the Springfield Art Museum’s property.

Republic’s Shuyler Creek Trail will extend to Farm Road 182 and eventually lead into Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield.

The Trail of Tears park will get a new segment in Battlefield.

Andy Thomason, the senior planner with OTO, is excited for the Chadwich Flyer trail extension in Ozark.

“There will be two big boxes installed underneath the new 14,” Thomason said. “And so the trail, you’ll kinda wrap around and go underneath 14, and so you can go down to the O.C. Without having to interact with traffic. And it’s the same down closer to the junior high.”