SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Greene County has reached the highest number of currently admitted COVID-19 patients in Greene County hospitals.

As of Monday, July 19, there are a total of 251 patients in Springfield. The previous record was 237 on December 1, 2020.

Mercy says there are 168 COVID-19 patients admitted system-wide, and Cox is reporting 135 COVID-19 patients system-wide. Cox says 59 Greene County residents were admitted at Cox South.

According to Mercy Springfield President and COO Brent Hubbard, Mercy Springfield has:

  • 137 COVID-19 patients
  • 34 patients in the ICU
  • Of those, 27 are on ventilators
  • Mercy is averaging 2.1 COVID-19 deaths per day
  • At least three people have died who were vaccinated
  • Hubbard says each patient were in their 70s or 80s and had “multiple comorbidities”
  • Less than 10% of patients hospitalized are vaccinated

Across the Mercy system:

  • Mercy Lebanon has 12 patients
  • Mercy Aurora has six
  • Mercy Mountain View has three

“We currently have six inpatient nursing units that have COVID patients and so that it continues to evolve as our COVID census increases. We have weekly [00:06:17] planning meetings to not only accommodate what we have at the time, but also projecting out over the next several weeks. What’s been really amazing is the flexibility of our physicians, our co-workers to meet the needs of our communities, and being flexible,” says Hubbard.

Mercy has not had to bring in any more equipment since bringing in ventilators from St. Louis and Arkansas over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Projections show Mercy in-patient census will hit 200 over in the coming weeks.

“[These are] numbers we haven’t seen before even with the initial first surge. It’s certainly concerning. we do project over the next few weeks by the middle of August to be at 200 COVID-positive inpatients. And so, not a trend that is encouraging. Vaccinations remain critical.” 

Hubbard says vaccinations are critical, as we begin to see the effects of holiday gatherings. Monday marks two weeks since the end of the Fourth of July weekend. 

“So that’s the main driver as holidays are either recently passed or will be coming up in the month of August and we have those continued gatherings. Then there will be the spread of the virus as long as the vaccination rates remain low. I think the encouraging thing is that our community is really supporting increasing the vaccination rate. We see many organizations, the City, Health officials, legislators are really supporting folks to get vaccinated and that has been helpful. But more is needed, as long as vaccination rates remain low in this area, we will continue to see the COVID inpatient population increase.”

Hubbard says vaccinations have been increasing in recent weeks. With now more than 40% of Greene County residents fully vaccinated, Hubbard says the closer we get to reaching 50%, the more we will see cases and hospitalizations decrease.

“We’ve seen an increase of vaccinations over the previous weeks leading up to last week of about 50 to 100 more vaccinations being administered per day within our vaccination clinic and that has been a really nice improvement,” says Hubbard.

According to the Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s recovery dashboard, there are 103 COVID patients in critical care as of Sunday.