SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Greene County has new voting district lines for the Aug. 2 primary election, and the county clerk’s office is ready to implement them.

The change came late due to the 2020 U.S. Census being released behind schedule. Generally, census results are released the year before an election so that district lines can be redrawn in response to changing populations. After six weeks of work, the Greene County Clerk’s election team is prepared to implement the changes in time for the upcoming Tuesday election, according to a press release.

These changes apply to the House and Senate races. If a polling location has more than one seat, each street has to be individually assigned to the right district, the press release said.

Voter cards mailed earlier may not have districts printed on them, as the changes were approved too late to be included.

Greene County is split into two state senate districts: the 20th and 30th. The 30th encompasses most of Springfield, while the 20th has the rest of the county. Greene County has eight state house districts.

The county clerk’s office said that due to the speed at which its employees had to implement the changes, they had less time to review for accuracy. If anyone wants to check their legislative district, they can do so on the Missouri Secretary of State’s website.