SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – City leaders, construction crews, and Parkview High School staff were on hand this morning to kick off the start of the grant avenue project.

Over 25 million dollars will be put into this project, with 80% coming from grant funding.

One of the crews that won the big was CFS Engineering, who says this project couldn’t come at a better time for his workers.

“This project was absolutely huge and essential to our workforce. And because of the size of the project, it’s an ongoing project. It’s got a number of months of work to accomplish, and so we’re able to keep a lot of people employed. We’ve been able to grow our company because of this work,” said Sabin Yanez, CFS Engineering’s Senior Vice President.

Yanez says the Grant Avenue Project fits in well with the work CFS does.

“In terms of the scale of the project and the uniqueness of this type of project, this ranks super high with the type of project our employees like to work on. What we’re good at and what we believe we can provide to the city,” said Yanez.

One of the first steps is putting in a roundabout just south of Parkview’s football stadium which Parkview faculty will help with people who speed in that area.

“If you’re familiar with that area of grant avenue, the traffic doesn’t tend to slow down when it should and so we’ve had some, you know, some accidents and things like that that have happened along grant avenue. And we really believe that the roundabout will cause people to slow down. Think and just create a safer environment for everyone in the park, the community, but especially for our students,” said Dr. Natalie Cauldwell, Parkview High School Principal.

Dr. Cauldwell says the construction is just in time with the future addition of a middle school nearby.

Any time improvements can be made to the flow of traffic around, especially a high school, that’s a significant benefit to us.

The project will be done in segments to account for traffic during construction. Now this section near Parkview will be closed during construction but the rest of these segments will be open somewhat so expect slowdowns as crews work those areas. The project is expected to be finished in 2024.