SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- If you filled your gas tank up recently you may have noticed that prices are lower than they have been in the past few months. Some gas stations are even below the statewide average price across Missouri. 

Most drivers we spoke with today are happy that these gas prices are lowering but they are hoping they stay this way. 

“I can fill my gas tank up and get back and for almost a whole week of gas. So, it really helps me out a lot,” said a driver. 

Drivers are seeing a huge price decrease in gas prices across the Ozarks, saving them more money. 

“You ain’t gotta spend that much gas money going back and forth and everything. You know, two or 3 cents make a big difference. Really does.” Said a driver 

“Do I spend more on gas than I do on making anything? Absolutely.” Said another driver. 

 Right now, the average gas price in Missouri is $3.43 per gallon, according to a triple-a-gas average report, in June gas was five dollars a gallon.  

“I have extra to spend for other things. You know, I got up there so high that it was terrible,” said a driver. 

Springfield drivers are finding that they still must do a bit of searching to find lower gas prices. In some parts of town, like near Glenstone and Grand, gas is as low as $3.05. 

While in other parts it can be as high as $3.24, people are just hoping that gas prices stay this low. 

The average gas price for motorists in Missouri is the seventh lowest in the nation.